About our Packages

Everyone has different financial goals with differing priorities, and so it's natural that investment choices will vary from person to person. However, no matter what your individual goals are, many of the same factors are involved in making the best decision for your own particular situation.

UK-DION INVESTMENT LIMITED has a sizable array of investment plans that Clients can choose from. Our packages are carefully created and developed to cater for the different needs and peculiarities of Clients.


Our Packages

About Smart Savers Investment Plan

UK-Dion Investment Limited's Smart Savers Investment Plan is designed for salary earners and business owners who are desirous of cultivating a good savings culture. This product will enable investors achieve their desired savings target. Investors can choose to save towards a start-up business capital, payment of rent, children’s school fees, the purchase of a new car, a new home and lots more.

Smart Savers Investment Plan is particularly created to help low and medium income/profit earners to save a minimum of N10,000 monthly and also to partake in our competitive interest rates.


• Investor specifies target savings amount
• Option to convert funds to other investment plan
• Monthly notifications on receipt of payment via email or text message.


About Prime Capital Investment Plan

Uk-Dion Investment Limited's Prime Capital Investment Plan is targeted towards individuals, group of persons, associations or cooperatives whose goal is to invest their capital in a secure and high yielding investment product. This investment is designed to attract persons or group of persons who seek alternative means of steady income.


• Dividends are paid monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly.


• Guarantees a steady stream of income.
• Individual set goals can be achieved.
• Brings about financial independence.
• It helps individuals set priority right.

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About Child Trust Fund

Uk-Dion Investment Limited's Child Trust Fund is designed for parents and guardians who desire to secure the financial future of their children. This investment plan affords parents/guardians the opportunity to set aside funds early enough to enable them give their children the quality of life they dream and desire for them. The investor is given a period of 2 years to save up the minimum investment amount; within this period funds are invested in other profitable investment plans, after which the saved up funds are locked away for a minimum period of 3years.

Why Child Trust Fund?

With Child Trust Fund, parents and guardians need not be indecisive any longer. Rather they should embrace this golden opportunity as we have provided them with the best solution that can help them actualize the educational dream they have for their children. Set up a child trust fund today & you will be glad you did.

Who is it for?

• Parents who wish to save for their children’s education locally and internationally.
• Parents and Guardians who would like to put aside money for a child’s future.


• Account can be funded in a single lump.
• Option to indicate how funds should be applied at maturity.
• No age barrier (you can open the Uk-Dion Child Trust Fund for an unborn child).
• Funds are invested at the prevailing smart savers rate during the contribution period



• Child Trust Fund is set up to meet the future educational needs of the child. •Child Trust Fund helps parents and guardians to actualize the medium and long term goals for their children or wards. • Schools funding can be handled directly by UK-Dion Investment Limited.

About Investment Club

Experience greater opportunities as you join our Investment Club designed for High Net worth Individuals with the goal to secure high yielding profit.

Super Responsive

• Minimum tenor 2 years.
• Dividends are paid monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually.